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Senpai Appreciation Post: Edayan - Capcom Artist

I’m going to start doing posts like these every once in a while of artists that I’ve always looked up to and continue to inspire me. (Almost the whole original Capcom crew will be posted, haha. Just a fair warning.)

Edayan had a huge impact on me since that first Street Fighter Collection cover on Playstation in 1997 up top. Then came Rival Schools, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Then he got really edgy on his style on his Project Justice and the Street Fighter 2 GBA art, which made him fully stand apart from his Capcom crew counterparts, primarily Bengus. That’s the version of Edayan that gets my blood pumpin’ the most; a nice balance of realism and cartoon that hasn’t been replicated often in game art.

I study Capcom designs a lot for my own work, and Edayan’s work on Rival Schools/Project Justice still continues to inspire me after all these years. All the work the Capcom crew did was wayyy ahead of its time.

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